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Phnom Penh

Months 41 and 42

Note: Yup, I’m a little behind posting roundups. After the next one, however, we should be all caught up. Sorry for any confusion my lazy posting has caused! From Halloween to my birthday to Thanksgiving to Christmas, this was a period of big celebrations! And big heapings of time spent with some very special people. Over… Read more

Two Tales of Cambodia

My recent week in Cambodia was all too short. However, I did manage to sneak a lot in. In addition to playing house in Phnom Penh, I was lucky enough to get a truly behind-the-scenes look at two organizations making a big difference in the lives of the Cambodian people. Kampong Trach Middle School Betsy is… Read more

Phnom Penh

“What’s your favorite country?” Every long-term traveler dreads the question. How could one possibly pick definitively? Yet I must admit, whenever someone asks, Cambodia does bubble to the front of my brain. So I’ve been disheartened that lately I’ve been hearing the opposite when both online peers and real life friends make the journey there. My… Read more

Week 180

Greetings from New York! What a week it’s been. My last few days in Cambodia were perfection — plenty of work time surrounded by a city I am energized by. Though staying put in Phnom Penh for the full eight days I was in Cambodia was exactly what I needed for this trip, I was reminded… Read more

“So, what do you want for your birthday?” Mark innocently asked. I grinned, and he immediately saw the glint in my eye. A look of horror. “Not that! Please not that!” He whimpered. “Just go by yourself!” But it was too late. The idea of getting Khmer portraits done at one of the hundreds of studios… Read more

Our time in Cambodia had sadly come to an end. With only a few days left on our visas, we were back in Phnom Penh. Our main reason for coming was picking up some new visas, since you all voted to send us to Vietnam! But you know us, we had a few other interesting things… Read more

The Great Escape: Month 5 Roundup thumbnail

Each month I take some time to reflect now just what I’m doing, but how I’m doing. You can read my previous roundups here, here, and here. You know what a Month 5 Roundup means, right? It means I’ve officially reached the half year anniversary of leaving home for this crazy journey around the world. Sometimes… Read more