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West Coast

Scotland Roundup thumbnail

I already wrote a kind of “emotional roundup” of my trip to Scotland. However, I have been doing official roundups in this format for every country I have traveled in depth since starting blogging two years ago. So I decided to keep the tradition alive and hopefully give a hint or two to those that may… Read more

I Failed Scotland thumbnail

I spent an entire month in Scotland, and I didn’t see Loch Ness. Or go to any of the isles. Or go to a music festival, or see a puffin, or camp out in a tent, or go to a Highland Games, or go whale watching, or any other the other things I eagerly bookmarked in… Read more

Vacationing Like the Victorians thumbnail

Long long ago, before the age of budget airlines, internet search engines and all-inclusive beach resorts, Scottish city dwellers used to vacation by going ‘doon the watter’ (down the water, to you non-Scot speakers) to seaside resort towns. This 19th and 20th century means of vacation is still possible for those looking for a quaint getaway… Read more

Photo of The Week 5 thumbnail

This week’s Photo of the Week was a bit trickier than usual as we didn’t really do much “traveling”. On our way back from Ibiza we hung out in Manchester for a few days with Mark’s friends before back up to Irvine  to attend doctor’s appointments, paint a shed, and get ready for a boot sale… Read more

The Great Escape: Month 1 Roundup thumbnail

I absolutely cannot believe I’ve been away from home for an entire month. It feels a bit surreal and I don’t think it’s quite sunk in yet that I’m on the go “for good.” Scotland was a great place to start this adventure both so that Mark could visit home and also as a great ease… Read more

Scottish Pride and The Wallace Monument thumbnail

I’m well aware that there are uber patriotic Americans- Saturday Night Live skits and the Daily Show have made me well aware of the fact. However, outside the Fourth of July or the most recent election day, I rarely witness or take part in extreme patriotism. It’s not that I’m ashamed of my nationality, its just… Read more

The Highland Cow Call thumbnail

Rolling green mountains. Swaths of tartan. Long, endless lochs. Cobblestone streets leading to age old pubs where men wearing kilts slam down drams of whisky. A certain monster named Nessie. There are many images that evoke Scotland. None shine as brightly for me as a certain wee hairy cow native to the country. The highland coo… Read more