After all the cash and time we saved DIY-ing our trip to Knossos, what would us culture vultures do with our afternoon in Crete? Visit the world renown Archeological Museum? Explore the towns and villages of the North Coast?


We went to the Cretaquarium.

Crete Beaches

We headed back to the bus station and switched from the Knossos line to a route heading east along the north coast, offering up much more inviting scenery. Along the half hour ride we got our first peek at the beautiful Greek coastline, as well as another glimpse at riled up taxi strikers that had erupted into violence the previous day in Athens.

Taxi Strikers in Cretesorry for the blur, the bus was moving!

Arriving at the aquarium, we handed over the 14€ entrance fee (8€ for my mom, 6€ for me with my student ID) and started our way through the dark winding hall of exhibits. But not before mildly obsessing over these amazing lobby seats. Despite an exhaustive search googling “starfish chairs” I have been unable to locate these bad boys on the world wide web. Wouldn’t they be awesome in a dive shop?


The aquarium was beautifully designed but went for quantity over quality with the signage: each exhibit had a rolling sign identifying its inhabitant in at least 20 different languages, but didn’t provide any of that juicy fish gossip that gets weirdo underwater enthusiasts like me going. Who cares what it’s called when the males carry the babies or it goes all transformer as it grows old?


There was a focus on the marine life to be found in the Mediterranean, which was a nice local touch. It reminded me of my dives in Ibiza, and made me a little sad I wouldn’t be breathing underwater here in Greece. Next time!


I tend to consider myself a bit of an aquarium aficionado. And while the Cretaquarium was lacking a bit in “out-there” species and variety of exhibits, it was well designed and a pleasant way to kill the afternoon. What can I say? I love taking pictures of fish. Even if there is a bit of glass between us.


Want more fish and ancient ruins? Visit my Flickr page to see all our photos from Crete.

  • I looove places like this!

  • Jakob
    August 4 2022

    I’m in love with Crete and have visited that amazing island no less than 3 times. Oddly enough I’ve never heard of the Cretaquarium before.

    Must check it out on my next Crete adventure 🙂

    • Alex
      December 18 2022

      Hopefully it’s still in existence! Update us if you do go 🙂

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