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Today is my anniversary: One year in the life of a full time traveler, and one year in the life of this blog. One June 9th, 2011, I watched the Manhattan skyline disappear into the distance as I flew towards Scotland and the unknown. An hour earlier, hunched over my laptop using airport WiFi, I launched… Read more

Um, yeah. Remember when I did a Month 1 Roundup and it was such a fun and helpful feature for those catching up? Well I kind of dropped the ball and never posted Month 2, despite it sitting near finished in drafts. And now I’m almost up to Month 5! But I really like this feature… Read more

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Flying from Istanbul to Bangkok was one of the most emotional journeys of my life. I reflected on the fact that Istanbul, lying between two continents, had been the perfect place to bridge the gap between my summer in Europe and what would be my new existence in Asia. I imagined this reunion, between my favorite… Read more

Like any of the world’s great cities, Istanbul has more to do than there are hours in the day. Unless you have the luxury of a super long visit or the willpower to forgo sleep, you’ll never see it all. Here are eight must-dos that should top your list of Istanbul attractions. 1. Shop Till You… Read more

Once we settled into our plush digs, we decided to explore the city in the same way I had explored London earlier in the summer- by bus and by boat. Istanbul is broken in to three major districts, all divided by water. Our hotel was in Cihangir, which is in the Beyoglu district, known for its… Read more

See what I did there with that title? Set myself up for failure. Being witty on demand is harder than you might think. Go ahead. Try it. Arriving in Instabul was a shock to the senses. After a week of being pampered and catered to on our cruise, we were thrust back into the real world… Read more


Our time in Greece was over, but that didn’t mean our cruise was. We had one more stop before disembarking in Istanbul, at the port town of Kusadasi. Our ship docking next to a behemoth one Kusadasi itself didn’t receive rave reviews- and by that I mean people refer to it as a total dump. The… Read more