Where we’re at: I’m recapping my summer of 2019, including my blogaversary, which I celebrated in June. 

I realize for some this is a difficult time to read about travel. I am writing often about our current global crisis — the impact it’s having on me personally, on the world of travel, and on the world at large — regularly on my social media channels, covering topics like wellness-focused practices, and giving away generously to charities helping those in need.

However, my blog audience has spoken and they have overwhelmingly requested a break from COV-tent (content about, well, you know…), and a place where they can mentally escape right now. So, I will continue to post from my past travels to inspire those who wish to daydream about the day it is safe to travel again. Wishing all of you love and peace in this time of reflection. 


Eight years in the business of blogging. I survived the seven year itch only to be hit with a curve ball I never saw coming: pressing pause to become a caretaker after my mom’s diagnosis of terminal brain cancer. 

Eight years of travel blogging

Eight years of travel blogging

At first, I felt grateful that the flexibility of my career allowed me to quickly uproot and move back abruptly from Thailand to Upstate New York, where I was needed. Later, I realized that I wasn’t quite set up to be still: my passive income sources were sorely lacking, and as my travels ground to a halt, in many ways so too did my business. But my mom raised me to be adaptable and overcome, and eventually, that’s what I started to do. Today, I’m looking back over my shoulder at three hundred and sixty five more days of self employment.  

Skiing at Jiminy Peak

Eight years of travel blogging

Let’s warm up with some facts and figures, celebrate some of year eight’s best blog posts, and cool down with some bittersweet reflections. You can read about my first, second, thirdfourth, fifth, sixth and seventh years of blogging to catch up on my journey so far.

Eight years of travel blogging

My Year in Blogging // By The Numbers

• Posts Written: 74. It’s the lowest number of posts I’ve ever written in a year, by quite a large degree. I also took a two solid months off blogging, when my mom’s treatment began, the longest I’ve ever gone without publishing a blog post, by a long shot.

The Spice Girls concert in Manchester, UK

• Comments Replied To: 1,560. As always, I truly do miss the golden years of blog commenting. I don’t even know if I realized what a huge motivation that conversation was for my writing until it started to wane.

• Group Press Trips: 1 cancelled — my dream dive campaign through Indonesia.

Bachelorette Weekend in Key West
Conch Republic mural in Key West

• Influencer Campaigns: 1 completed, 1 postponed — I completed a slightly abbreviated version of my dive campaign to Florida but last-minute cancelled one with the Finger Lakes (which we are still working to reschedule!) after my friend Rachel tragically and suddenly passed away. 

Influencer campaigns were once the largest portion of my income, so being largely unable to commit to them was stressful — and not a gamble I was willing to take, for the most part — I know how much money and time brands invest in creating these trips and I couldn’t potentially waste that for them with a clean conscience. The Finger Lakes I made an exception for, as I would be just driving distance away, and I knew Rachel would be able to replace me and still complete her coverage if I was unable to travel — never did it cross my mind that it would be her that wouldn’t make it, and I’m still grateful for the kindness and humanity their team showed us in that heartbreaking time.

The Downtowner Hotel in Saratoga

• Brand Partnerships: 0 — on my blog, anyway. This was the first year ever that I had zero branded content on my blog. Instead, I signed on for partnerships on Instagram, something I didn’t really have the opportunity to do when I was living abroad and unable to reliable receive packages. I’m super grateful for the opportunities I had to work with brands like KIND (healthy snacks on-the-go), KN filters (reusable, eco-friendly home and auto filters), and small projects with companies making everything from kombucha to home-delivery wine flights to hangover supplements. They kept my income afloat, gave me a professional purpose, and kept my creativity alive.

Surfboards in Encuentro, Dominican Republic
Eight years of travel blogging

• Retreats: Ran 2, launched and heavy heartedly cancelled a 3rd, announced 2 more, researched 1. I loved watching my Koh Tao Retreat and Martha’s Vineyard Retreat come to life on two of my favorite islands in the world. I was devastated to back out of my collaboration Bali Retreat — a third favorite island. And I proudly and nervously launched my St. Pete Retreat and Red Sea Retreats, eventually, too, with the support of my family knowing I had to get back to work. I also went on a retreat scouting trip to Dominican Republic.

Lifeguard stand on South Beach in Miami

• Conferences: 4. I’ve decided this makes more sense to include here than in my travelversary post, where I’ve chucked it in previous years. I was honored to speak at three — TravelCon in Texas, TBEX North America in New York and Women in Travel Summit in Maine. A fourth, Boston Sea Rovers, was a scouting trip as I’d love to speak at a dive show one year about marketing diving to millennials (or one of the many other topics I have in mind!) 

Yellow dive tanks at Jules Verne Lodge in Key Largo

• Trainings or Courses: 2. A new category! But as I hope to continue to put an emphasis on self-development and education, it seems like a fun thing to track. During this period I proudly completed a month-long 200HR vinyasa yoga teacher training in New York City, and also attended a weekend Buti Bands training in New York City as well.

Follow That Dream sign in Tulum, Mexico

Eight years of travel blogging

My Year in Blogging // By The Blog Posts

Never has it taken me more hours, scrounged together from a stolen ten minutes here or ten minutes there, to pull blog content together. Because of that, I thought, surely this can’t be one of my best years for writing. And looking back, well, it was different. I deleted a section from these “senior superlatives” normally reserved for my funniest posts, because I guess I wasn’t in much of a silly mood this year.

Springtime in New York City

Springtime in Albany, New York

But I shared a lot of deep, raw introspection and also quite a few more useful type travel guides — maybe it was easier to imagine all of you traveling than myself, this time. I also used the time to dive back in and try to clear up some of my unblogged travel archives (a battle I’m still fighting today!) and even managed a bit of content I was quite proud of: my Israel trip coverage and my yoga teacher training coverage top among them.

Most Commented

Confession: I Didn’t Love Jerusalem • My Blogaversary: Seven Years of Blogging • A Red Hot Red Sea Adventure: Four Days on an Egyptian Liveaboard • How Bali Blissed Me Out and Brought Me Back to Life

Tulip Fest in Albany, New York
Tulip Fest in Albany, New York

Best Photos

Life in the Lowest Place on Earth: Discovering The Dead Sea Tree • Navigating and Chill On the Chao Phraya: A Night Aboard the Mekhala River Cruise • The Wanderland Guide to Ayutthaya: The Perfect Two Day Itinerary • Diving in Dahab, The Backpacker Star of Sinai • Be a Mermaid, Make Waves: The Coney Island Mermaid Parade Splashes Again

Best Writing

Is the Dead Sea Dying? • What the %&* is Midburn? A Review of Israel’s Regional Burn • Dahab: The Bohemian Darling of Egyptian Beach Towns • The Summer DayTucker’s Tails: California Livin’ Edition

Sosua, Dominican Republic


Why I Traveled to the Land of Milk and Honey  • Setting Intentions for 2019 • Looking Back on Life in ParadiseWhy NY: How I Ended Up Back in the Big Apple (Briefly) • The Top Ten Differences Between Burning Man and Midburn

Most Disastrous Travel Meltdowns Melted

Come Hell, Come High Water: My Southern Thailand Flooding Story

Hiking at Wander Women Retreats Koh Tao

Most Useful

Diving the Dead, Red and Med: A Guide to Israel’s Three Seas • My Yoga Teacher Training Experience at Y7 Studios in New York • Open Minds and Open Bars: How Much Does Midburn Cost? • Adventures in the Negev Desert: Things To Do In Mitze RamonInside My Bag: What To Pack for a LiveaboardHow To Spend The Perfect Long Weekend in Miami • The Ultimate Dog Friendly Santa Barbara Guide • A Few of My Favorite Things, Bali Edition • Learning To Code in Canggu: A Review of Institute of Code


The Wanderland Guide to a Guilt-Free Black FridayCan An Eco-Friendly Songkran Be Sustainable?Celebrating Earth Week! Going Green With Bamboo Toothbrushes, Plastic-Free Toothpaste Bites and Beyond

Biplane ride in Martha's Vineyard

Greatest Adventures Shared

Breezy Bliss on the Nile: The Felucca Ride I’ll Remember Forever • Something Just Like This: Seeing Coldplay Live in BangkokDiving Where Few Women Have Dived Before: Scuba Diving in the Dead SeaNine Memories in a New York MinuteMy Bedouin Adventure: A Camel Diving Safari in Egypt

Eight years of travel blogging

Best Brand Collaborations

Should You Take a Group Tour in Egypt? My Review of Travel Talk ToursThe Wanderland Guide to the Florida KeysMy Eight Diving Highlights of 2018 •  Savannah’s Prohibition Past — And Where to Drink Today • See The Red Sea: A Review of the King Snefro Liveaboard and PADI Travel

Sister Adventures

Sister Spa Time at the X2 Resort in Koh SamuiBlast From the Bangkok Past: Sister Weekend • A Sister Weekend in Savannah

Corning Museum of Glass

TBEX North America in Corning, New York

My Year in Blogging // By Business

My seventh year of blogging was perhaps my most productive and successful year to date. Which is probably part of what made it sting to take such a colossal step back in year eight.

In fact, I had been doing so well I made perhaps a foolish error: I over-invested in my retirement accounts without leaving a large enough cushion of an emergency fund, eager to take the maximum tax breaks and sure that my upward projection would continue. I also, unfortunately, was between assistants when things started to fall apart, leaving me tight on cash and on my own. In the end, I took out a loan so that I could get back on my feet with a new part-time assistant recommended by my friend Rachel — and we are still working together today. It was humbling, but it kept me afloat and allowed me to continue to expand my new retreat business without the usual cashflow from my blog.

WITS in Portland, Maine

I think, when moving home, a part of me thought, okay, I can do this, I can work from anywhere. But I didn’t realize — I couldn’t have realized, then — that caretaking in itself is a full time job. And it’s the most physically and emotionally exhausting one I’ve ever taken on, leaving little time or energy for the business I spent my adult life building. I now have bottomless, utmost respect for those that devote their lives to the care of others. They are angels among us. 

TBEX North America in Corning, New York

I learned a lot. I learned how to adapt — no longer did I have the luxury of long, unbroken hours of writing in the morning, when my productivity was highest. Instead, I tried to squeeze work into my mom’s afternoon nap time, or whenever a friend of hers would pop by. I learned to humble myself and ask for help — from letting a neighbor do the dishes while I dashed out a sponsored Instagram post to asking my peers for advice, favors or connections I thought could help save my business. I learned to take enormous risks that I, a stubborn entrepreneur reluctant to carry out any plan that didn’t completely align with my vision, never would have gambled on, like launching retreats that I liked but didn’t love the backup plan for, when my mom’s condition was so unpredictable (I didn’t love them because they required letting go of micro-managing everything myself). And I continued to dig deeper the well of compassion I had for those in difficult like circumstances, one I’d thought was quite sizeable already. 

WITS in Portland, Maine

In year eight, the majority of my income came from my retreats. And they continued to be a huge source of pride and joy for me. I spent so much of the year feeling helpless and out of control. On my retreats, surrounded by this incredible community I’d built in the midst of this experience I’d hand stitched together from scraps of all the things I love, slaying problems and staying cool in every crisis, I felt like superwoman. 

Eight years of travel blogging

The rest of my — vastly reduced — earnings came from my final campaign at the beginning of the year, a straight-up photography project with my old partners at Viator, my Instagram partnerships, my Mediavine display ads, and some influencer consulting work for the team at Discover Albany. I also chugged along with my briefly revived Featured Blogger Program, various affiliate programs, my first paid speaking gigs at conferences, my sorely under-promoted ebook, and a few miscellaneous gigs like some graphic design work for my older sister Margaret’s running store in Rochester.

Yoga teacher training at Y7 Studio in New York
Yoga teacher training at Y7 Studio in New York

I struggled greatly throughout this time with the guilt of breaking my commitments, disappointing certain sponsors, and letting down those who were relying on me. Everyone constantly reassured me, “everyone will understand!” but the thing is — everyone doesn’t. Everyone has a boss they have to report to, and sometimes that boss doesn’t give a rip why undelivered content didn’t arrive, even if it involves ICU units. I was absolutely heartbroken after severing a multi-year relationship with one of my top blog sponsors who showed little compassion or grace for my situation, one of my professional lowlights of the year. 

Good Karma Studio in Albany, New York

Yet while it was a difficult time for my finances and my ego, I actually look back at the bigger picture and see we were incredibly blessed. While I feel like we deserve additional college degrees in figuring out how to actually use it (don’t get me started on how complicated and lacking our healthcare system is), we were so lucky that my mom was such a practical woman and a perpetual planner and had taken out generous and comprehensive long term care insurance for herself. This allowed us to not go into a dime of debt for her care, and while I worried about making ends meet on my balance sheet — contrary to the rumor that blogs have low overhead, this one costs well into the five figures a year to run — I never worried about the roof over my head or the food on my plate once. And the longer I spent in the sad club of families trying to survive cancer, the longer I realized what a rarity that was. Thank you, mom, for looking out for us right up until the bitter end.

Yoga at Island Alpaca in Martha's Vineyard
Goat Yoga in The Finger Lakes

My Year in Blogging // Goal Setting and Keeping

I call this section my annual employee review — and I can be a pretty tough boss, normally. This year I think I’m going to cut myself a bit of slack.

Wander Women Retreats in Koh Tao, Thailand

Wander Women Retreats in Martha's Vineyard

Last Year’s Goals

So, we’ve got plenty still in progress. But onward and upward to some fresh ideas as well.

Wander Women Retreats in Koh Tao, Thailand

Yoga at Island Alpaca in Martha's Vineyard

• Goal: Tick off some bucket list trips. I often fall into the trap of filling my time with what’s convenient or what makes sense — wedding in Ireland? Oh, let’s tack on some time in Dublin, why not. And why not, indeed — it’s a cool city and it would be silly not to go. But sometimes between my work obligations and weddings and conferences and family time, I find my years fill up almost entirely with trips like that, rather than huge bucket-list ticking adventures, like finally making it to Easter Island or bringing my dream road trip around Jamaica to life. I want to make it a priority to clear my calendar for big, nonsensical and inconvenient adventures.

Verdict: Well, obviously, no. Though making it to Mexico was a huge accomplishment, and seeing the Spice Girls reunion tour was a dream come true. And, though it was what I described here, tacking something on to a practical trip, getting to Acadia National Park was a big one for me too. I’m proud I carved out time for those trips in such a difficult year — they were what filled me up and re-energized me to survive.

Surfbreak Cabarete, Dominican Republic

• Goal: Expand my retreat business. I can’t describe what an electrifying energy I feel for this right now. I want to be running about four retreats a year, and possibly bring on another team member to assist.

Verdict: While I didn’t quite expand, wow I’m so proud that I managed to more or less stay the course, given everything. For a long time I was way too afraid to pull the trigger on introducing more trips after my mom’s diagnosis, but the grief of entirely shelving my goals indefinitely became too heavy and I’m so glad I found a way to move forward, carefully, towards my dream. 

Travel Blogger in Tulum, Mexico

• Goal: Find a lawyer I trust and finally incorporate and trademark Alex in Wanderland. File it under, “stuff I should have done years ago.”

Verdict: Okay, so I’m embarrassed to say this is still in progress. But, the lawyer is hired — I met her at WITS in Maine. I can’t wait to officially have all this off my list.

Amara Cay in Islamorada

• Goal: Properly market my ebook to get it out into the world the way it deserves. I love this book so much and I think I really aced the production. Now, to tackle the marketing again.

Verdict: Sadly, no. Made zero progress. Total flop.

Travel Blogger in Merida, Mexico

• Goal: Set up a consistent social media plan and style guide for my brand. Switching between various virtual assistants over the years has left my channels inconsistent and occasionally neglected. No more! I’m finally going to get systems in place that will swap seamlessly between new team members, if necessary.

Verdict: I made solid progress! I used part of my loan to hire a graphic designer to make templates for posts on Pinterest, Instagram stories, and Facebook (as well as some new homepage sliders I still haven’t integrated, but, well, LOL.) It makes me happy to finally have a strong style guide for my brand. 

Travel Blogger in Santa Barbara, California

• Goal: Develop a reliable, long-standing team for Alex in Wanderland. This is something I’ve really struggled with over the years, but I am aware that outsourcing is essentially the answer to so many of the business problems I circle back to year after year! Basically, from developers to virtual assistants to graphic designers, my dream is to throw some serious money back into my blog and see if that solve some of my concerns.

Verdict: Hell yes! I have an incredible assistant that I love working with and is efficient, proactive, and easy and fun to work with. I made huge strides this year in handing off pieces of my business to others. It’s still a work in progress, though — I’m eager to find the perfect fit of a web developing team, and do wish I had a graphic designer available for small jobs on-demand (the one I use is incredible but has a very long lead time.)

Travel Blogger in New York, New York

Eight years of travel blogging

This Year’s Goals

While I am writing this from the future, I am trying very much to use the mindset that I had on the actual day my blogaversary rolled round. And needless to say, it was a weird year for goal setting. I had next to no travel plans on my calendar, and felt entirely at the mercy of fate. Still, in addition to working towards the in-progress goals above, I couldn’t help but dream about hitting a few new milestones.

Eight years of travel blogging
Eight years of travel blogging

• Goal: Speak at more conferences. I spoke in all three cases this year in groups or in a pair and I think I’m ready for the next challenge: a solo stage. I also started to hone my vision for pitching a talk at a diving conference, to further my position as a thought leader in that community. 

Aerial yoga retreat in Dominican Republic

• Goal: Write a new ebook, this time on running retreats! My mentoring sessions at the Women In Travel Summit in which I gave one-on-one advice to bloggers also eager to run trips of their own made me realize the depth of my knowledge here. I can’t wait to create this product.

Eight years of travel blogging

• Goal: Launch a diving podcast. I have NO idea how to make this happen, but doesn’t it sound fun to find out?

Love the ocean chalk board drawing in Tulum, Mexico
Beach structure in Tulum, Mexico

• Goal: It’s almost a joke at this point to keep putting this on here but, um, email management? Ha!

Aerial photo of State Beach, Martha's Vineyard

• Goal: Continue finding ways to serve others and inspire sustainable travel through Alex in Wanderland and Wander Women Retreats. 

Goat Yoga in The Finger Lakes

• Goal: A non-blog byline. I felt a deep calling to write outside my blog again — essays about millennial caretaking, about love, and about the new parts of my life that didn’t necessarily involve travel.

Scuba diving in Tulum, Mexico

Scuba diving in Tulum, Mexico
Scuba diving in Tulum, Mexico

• Goal: Form my LLC, trademark my brands. It’s going down — finally.

• Goal: Get this blog up to real time. You’d think that with my travels slowed so significantly, this would have been my year (I did too!). Yet I didn’t stay still and keep my old schedule. Like I said, I had another full time job that came first. But I’m making this a top priority moving forward.

Flying in the winter

Sunset in Koh Tao

Reflections // Room to Grow

When you hit the bottom, there’s only one way to go: up. 

I not only wanted but needed to be home as much as possible, in this year. It wasn’t just about my own business goals or needs — me traveling or working required endless logistics and coordination behind the scenes and put a heavy burden on those around me. I constantly talked myself out of and back into trips that were not 100% strictly for work. It was the balancing act of a lifetime, trying to keep my own twenty-eight year old dreams and goals and priorities alive while taking care of my new responsibilities at home.

Sunset in Martha's Vineyard

When I was home, I was wistful and sad, and when I was on the road, I was anxious and guilty. I’m tried to be gentle with myself and remind myself that it was an unimaginably difficult time and nothing was going to feel totally right or great.

Sunset in Manhattan

The truth is that I couldn’t have made it through this year without all of you. While it often felt like the business I’d built with my bare hands was suddenly slipping through my fingers, so many of you reminded me on a regular basis that you had my back, and you’d be there waiting when I was on my feet again. I can’t express what that meant to me. And the blogging community, too, humbled me with their sincere and heartfelt efforts to help keep me afloat. I just love you all so darn much. I’ve made a lot of missteps in the last eight years, but I must have done something right to deserve all of you.
Thank you.

I ended the year confused, scared, and dreading the future. But as much as I felt like things were falling apart, some part of me was kept afloat by the idea that I still had a solid foundation to climb back from, someday. 

I wouldn’t exactly say I thrived through the year, but I survived. And sometimes, that’s enough.

  • Erika
    April 6 2020

    Alex, I don’t have the words, really, but I just want to say I’m so proud of you for keeping going. My mom passed away from cancer a year and a half ago and it’s weird to even write that out because I’m still in a state of shock. But seeing you find a way to keep going and pursuing your life and career is really inspiring. You’ve always inspired me and your blog has always been one of my all-time favorites, even if I’ve become quieter and more of a lurker as the years went by. Thank you for continuing to write, thank you for opening up and sharing parts of your journey with us — especially since they require so much vulnerability. Much love ????

    • Alex
      April 10 2020

      I’m so sorry for your loss Erika — I feel for you. Thank you for sharing, it means the world <3

  • Bekki Burton
    April 6 2020

    Your goals are so inspiring! A diving podcast?!? Um, yes please! Also, I love your work around sustainable travel…and basically everything else you do!

    • Alex
      April 10 2020

      Aw, blushing over here! Gotta get my booty in gear for the podcast if I want to make that happen!

  • Aussie Jo
    April 6 2020

    Eight years is amazing, keep it up

    • Alex
      April 10 2020

      Thank you! I appreciate it!

  • Tessa Faure
    April 7 2020

    Another annual post I love! Similar to the travelversary post, when summed up in one place, I still think you accomplished a lot given the other fulltime caring job you had.

    I was also lucky and grateful my mum had all the dreaded disease policies and insurance that we didn’t have to worry about money when we were sorting out her treatment and care. Also thankfully my dad had just retired by the last 7 months as that became his fulltime job, and it really was fulltime. He barely had any time to get through everything let alone tackle any personal “one day when I am retired” projects. I did feel for him though, he had thought retirement with a much younger wife would be time to adventure and explore together, and instead he was fulltime caring and then losing his partner in crime. But again so grateful we had my dad around and his dedication to my mum.

    Egypt was incredible so I think you can give yourself a gold star on retreats!
    Looking forward to all the getting the blog up to date posts coming our way during lockdown – I have faith that is a goal that can be achieved!

    • Alex
      April 10 2020

      I do too, hope I can make the catch-up finally happen <3 wouldn't that be a silver lining!

      I'm glad finances weren't a crushing concern for you with your mother either. I too am still heartsick for my stepdad, who lost the love of his life and his partner in crime, as you said, all too young, and spent the beginning of his retirement as a full time caretaker too. It's just not fair.

  • Ola
    April 7 2020

    Amazing underwater photos ????

    • Alex
      April 10 2020

      Thank you so much, Ola!

  • Isabelle Morris
    April 7 2020

    Starting to feel like a crazy fan!! Hahaha but as always, I leave your blog posts feeling inspired. 2020 is going to be your year, Alex!

    • Alex
      April 10 2020

      Get crazier then, 😛 So grateful for all the comments and the love!

  • Julia Nix
    April 7 2020

    Yeah girl, get your trademark sorted! And you are more than welcome to use this too. 🙂
    A.I.W.A.S (Alex in Wanderland Appreciation Society)

    • Alex
      April 10 2020

      Ha! I love that <3 Thanks for the smile, Julia!

  • Kate
    April 7 2020

    I’m just not usually a person who comments–on blogs or instas or anything! But you really inspire me. We all have tough shit, real life tough shit, and it makes us feel less alone when that shit is shared honestly and openly.

  • Diana Edelman
    April 7 2020

    I am so so proud of you. Not everyone can have the year you had and handle it with grace, vulnerability and love.

  • Becky
    April 8 2020

    I love reading your blogaversaries – it’s so interesting to hear how you have grown and changed over the years. I’m sorry that 2019 was such a tough year for you. I hope 2020 makes up for it! (Although we’re not off to a great start are we….)

  • Riley
    April 8 2020

    It’s always inspiring to read these posts, Alex. Through thick and thin, you’ve persevered and it continues to give me hope.

  • You’ve done enormously well and managed to somehow keep going in the face of adversity. Your mum would be so proud of how much you have achieved as a young, strong, independent woman.

    My family and I also had the “good luck” that throughout my dad’s illness that lasted years, he was fantastically looked after, had always been enormously well insured, and that we didn’t have to think of anything more than looking after him, being there, and supporting our step-mum who has been an absolute rock.

    My dad passed away last summer, and even now, we still get people sending us messages on how much they miss him.

    • Alex
      April 12 2020

      This is such a kind comment Victoria, thank you. I cherish messages like that about my mom, too — your dad must have been a great guy.

  • Mike Allsop
    April 12 2020

    Hi Alex,

    Well done for getting through such a difficult year. I use a really good graphic designer who is also great value. His name is Florian and he is based in Romania. Email: esefdesign@yahoo.com. You mentioned you had a trademark lawyer, but another option is my friend Suzi Hixon. Her email is: suzi@hixonlaw.com. Maybe get a cost comparison.

    Feel free to mention to them both that I recommended them.

    Alex, keep up the great work.

    Kind Regards


    • Alex
      April 12 2020

      Thank you so much for the recommendations, Mike!

  • Michael
    April 14 2020

    Wow congrats! I started reading in 2015. Crazy how time flies! Random question but I am starting to plan a Christmas trip to London for Dec 2020. Hopefully Covid doesn’t ruin it. Was wondering if you could recommend any good travel planning apps. I am struggling to plan all the logistics for this trip. Thanks!

    • Alex
      April 21 2020

      I have a series on my blog called the Wanderland Guide to Travel Planning. That should answer all your questions 🙂 Enjoy and good luck! I hope we will be on the road by then!

  • The Wanderlust Rose
    April 16 2020

    8 years! Wow, incredible. Congrats on the milestone!!

    • Alex
      April 21 2020

      Thank you! Can’t believe I’ll be writing the nine year version so soon…

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