Note: Whoops, looks like I lied when I said I’d soon be caught up on posting roundups. But we are almost there, I swear! Sorry for any confusion my lazy posting has caused!

Month 44 found me back on the go after a nice stretch at home for the holidays. I eased back into life on the road with some domestic travel, visiting family and friends in Louisiana and Florida — in total, I logged time with five family members and four close friends. Visiting loved ones is such a great way to travel! Yeah, I’d make my way to New Orleans and Miami eventually regardless of if I had a sister and cousin living in those respective cities. But would I ever go to Tampa, Florida, if I didn’t have two beloved aunts there? Probably not. Yet I’ve had so many fun trips and unique travel experiences there now (diving with sharks comes to mind!) that I can’t imagine having never been. When people wonder how they can travel more, it’s the first thing I suggest… think about where those far flung cousins and long lost friends live. Maybe it’s time to reconnect!

Anyway, from Miami I hopped to Managua, kicking off my next multi-month international trip. I’d really waffled about whether or not I was doing the right thing in heading to Central America — as always, Southeast Asia was calling me home — but as soon as I landed I knew I’d made the right choice. Southeast Asia may win the gold for me, every time, but Central America easily places for silver. And I had plenty of exploring ahead.

New Orleans TravelNew Orleans

Where I’ve Been

• Six days in New Orleans, Louisiana / USA

• Three days in Orlando, Florida / USA

• Two days in Jacksonville, Florida / USA

• Seven days in Tampa, Florida / USA

• Five days in Miami, Florida / USA

• Six days in Granada / Nicaragua

Orlando TravelOrlando


• Spending a completely unbeatable New Year’s Eve in New Orleans with my sister, my best friend, and her sister (how well this crew got along was just a highlight on top of a highlight). I’ve had some pretty amazing New Year’s Eves before but… this one is going to be hard to top. Starting with sister massages at The Ritz (my sister’s Christmas gift to me!), followed by a fun and relatively cheap group dinner and finally celebrated with fireworks, people watching, and live music in the streets — what more could we have asked for? Perhaps some late night beignets and hot chocolate at Café du Monde? Oh right, we did that too.

• Live music everywhere. It’s one of my favorite things about New Orleans. And seeing Rebirth, one of the cities most beloved big brass bands at the Maple Leaf was a night I’ll never forget. It was perfection.

• Watching my sister with her students, and helping her set up her classroom for second semester. She met me at the airport with three of her girls in tow, and later we took three of the boys the Insectarium and tricked them into eating creepy crawlies at the Bug Cafe. I’m just so proud of my sis, and as grateful as I am to technology for letting me follow along on her teaching journey through Snapchat and Instagram, it really hits home when I get to go to experience it all in person. Watching her grow through her two years teaching with Teach for America has been an unbelievable joy.

• Eating. Duh. Baru and District Donuts were new favorites from this trip, as was Commander’s Palace — for the food, yes, but more so for the company and the dress up cuteness (and the 25 cent martinis).

• Getting along so well with my sister. For years we’ve had a roller-coaster like relationship typical of close-in-age siblings, but lately we seem to be on a streak of mutual love and support — one that really kicked off on this trip. Nothing makes me happier than seeing her FaceTime requests pop up on my screen.

Arriving in Orlando and flinging open my curtains every morning and seeing what animals were lounging below at the Animal Kingdom Lodge! I’ve wanted to stay at that resort for years — or at least since my dad became a member of the Disney Vacation Club. And there’s no one I would have rather shared a room with than Florida fanatic Angie. We had such a good time gossiping about blogging, singing silly Disney songs, and talking travel, as always.

• A Jacksonville jaunt. I was so excited to check out Angie’s hometown with her! Unfortunately arctic temperatures (seriously, it snowed in Florida) kept us inside, so I didn’t actually see much of Jacksonville, but I didn’t mind snuggling up in her apartment for a few days — we both had tons of work to catch up on anyway. But it was great to hang with her family, meet her fiance, and get to check out Angie Away Headquarters!

• Family time in Tampa. I was so excited when I put a whole week in Tampa with my aunts on the books, and even more thrilled when I talked my dad and sister into joining us for a weekend. Still, I loved our nights just the three of us, when we went through their old travel photos and souvenirs and they regaled me with tales of their great backpacking trip through Europe.

• A day in Weeki Wachee. The mermaids at Weeki Wachee Springs basically hit on every one of my travel obsessions — I was pretty much vibrating with excitement while we were there. Under-appreciated aquatic antics in a kitschy Florida setting with a quirky history and amazing photo opportunities at an insanely reasonable price? It’s LIKE I LITERALLY DREAMED IT.

• Taking a dip in the Florida Aquarium. This was probably my most exhilarating adventure of the month — getting to dive with sharks in Tampa! I loved geeking out at the behind-the-scenes action at a major aquarium, and was beside myself at the opportunity to be so close to (and photograph, of course!) such amazing creatures. Having my auntie entourage along doubled — nay, tripled — the fun.

• Going movie mad. Going to the movies is one of my favorite forms of entertainment, and I knew I’d soon be heading into a cinema-free few months, so I wanted to see as many as possible on the big screen before take off. I was introduced to this crazy fancy breed of new dine-in and drink-in theaters at the The Theaters at Canal Place in New Orleans, where I saw Wild, and continued the theme at the Cinebistro in Tampa, where I saw American Sniper. These theaters are so fun — I’ll definitely be seeking out more when I travel. However, my favorite flick of the month, despite being screened at a regular ‘ol multiplex, was Selma.

• Driving through the Everglades. I was SO pumped about this road trip, and it didn’t disappoint. With my girl Michelle flying in from Albany to play co-pilot, we made our way from Tampa to Miami while stopping as often as we could along the way. I loved this trip for a lot of the same reasons I loved Weeki Wachee. Basically, I just want to live in a Carl Hiaasen novel.

• Decadent days in Miami! From relaxing at the pool of my cousin’s downtown building to drinking ciders on the beach (fellow Rekorderlig fans, rejoice — you can stock up at ABC Liquor stores in Florida!), from after dark nightclub antics to getting tipsy on Ocean Drive in the middle of the day, my time in Miami with Michelle was indulgent and fun. I love this city!

• Unexpectedly Miami meetups. When I arrived in Miami, I realized via Instagram that fellow travel enthusiast Kirsten Alana was there too. We’ve been online friends for ages but never had the opportunity to spend one on one time together — when we finally met up for lunch at PAMM, Miami’s modern art museum, we clicked instantly. It’s always great to meet up with my (normally virtual) blogging colleagues on the road! But she wasn’t the only one — I also comically discovered in the midst of a major text sesh that my friend Ashley was in town too! I love when my world feels small, and it was great to get to spend some time with her.

• Taking amazing Viator tours. Man, I love my job. I got to take some fabulous Viator day tours over this month, from the aforementioned shark diving to going behind-the-scenes at Mardi Gras World to taking a cocktail tour of New Orleans to taking a food tour of Miami to stunning and adrenaline boosting air tours over both South Beach and the Big Easy. I would be seriously hard pressed to pick a favorite.

• Booking my flight to Central America on points! I always feel like I’m getting away with something when I score a free flight thanks to Frequent Flyer miles and travel hacking with my credit cards. And listening to a girl in my hostel sob because she couldn’t change her flight made me grateful that booking with Aadvantage points means you can change your flights with no change fee — maximum flexibility for the win.

• Landing in Nicaragua. It’s been one of the highest priority countries on my “to visit” list, and finally making it there felt like a victory.

• Going on a people detox in Granada. I love me some serious family and friend time, but… I also love binging on high quality me time. For my week in Granada I very purposefully went into social hibernation and didn’t have a single non-essential conversation for the whole week. It was wonderful! I went sightseeing in blissful silence, chain watched Friday Night Lights, and logged endless hours writing in sunny cafes. A lot of travelers say that they love solo travel because of how easy it is to meet other people, and that is totally true. But I also love solo travel because of how easy it is to be completely anonymous, when that’s what you need.

• Peeking behind closed doors. My one real tourist activity in Granada was a hit! It was also fun to write about and share with you guys, since the tour isn’t very well advertised or promoted. Hopefully I convinced a few other travelers to head out and hit up this unique tour, the proceeds of which support a local library.

• Pure. This gym slash spa slash health center was one of my favorite things about Granada, and was a huge factor in my three night stay doubling to six.

Tampa TravelTampa

Lowlights and Lessons

• Flight frustration. I had to change my flight to New Orleans and lose two days there because of my surgical infection, which definitely bummed me out. But the upside was that I booked with Southwest, who makes flight changes insanely simple — I actually ended up getting a refund because the new itinerary I booked was cheaper than the original.

• Shivering in New Orleans! While it was certainly warmer than New York, we did catch a bit of a cold front in New Orleans — a week earlier it had been ten degrees cozier. I don’t do well when I’m chilly, especially in the evening. I think we all turned in a bit earlier than expected on New Year’s Eve simply because we wanted to warm up!

• Financial fluster. On New Year’s Eve, I had a seriously inebriated bartender who — long story short — returned my credit card saying it was rejected, so I handed her another one. Turns out they both went through, which launched a nightmare with my credit card companies in trying to get one of them reversed. If time is money, that was a very expensive round of drinks.

• Disney disappointment. Downtown Disney was a bust. I know they were under construction, but after I saw Universal’s CityWalk I was actually kind of embarrassed for them. In general, Disney Florida did not hold the magic of Disney California for me. It felt overwhelmingly big and spread out, and a little more tired. I think part of it had to do with not going to the actual Animal Kingdom park, which I do kind of regret in retrospect. Overall, It made me appreciate my California experience all the more, though!

• Ankle ouch. I fell hard in Tampa, and it was the injury that just would not heal. I actually started getting a little scared in Granada, where every day when I got back to my room my ankle was swollen and hot to the touch and my calf was stiff and filled with fluid. It was my fault for not staying off of it, but it’s pretty hard to submit yourself to bed rest when you’re excited about a new city.

• Photo frustrations. I had a really hard time getting decent photos from my two night flights. The combination of the motion of the plane and the lack of light was too much for me and my lens to handle. If you’re a photo fanatic planning an aerial tour, you might want to avoid the evening hours and go for a nice bright daytime flight.

• Cousin crunch. Because he had a last minute family emergency back in Illinois and had to fly out for much of my time there, I ended up barely seeing my cousin Eric in Miami, which was as bummer. The good news is I know I’ll be back.

• Accommodation antics. I dreamed about staying at The Freehand in Miami for a long time, and I was really excited when Michelle decided to join me despite being a little skeptical of the whole hostel thing — what a great first experience for her, I thought! Yet as outlined, it wasn’t really the smoothest. On top of everything else, when we first checked in they told us we’d be in separate rooms despite booking together! The lovely girl at the front desk helped us sort it out, but I definitely felt I aged a few years in the process.

• Selfie sighs. It might sound silly, but when I left Granada I realized I had just a single photo of myself from there — a mediocre selfie snapped atop the cathedral. I figure a few decades from now, those are the photos I’ll really cherish, so normally I’m pretty good about asking others to take my photo or setting up my self timer. A good reminder to be better in the future!

• Granada regrets. I was ready to move on and get to the beach when I left Granada, yet there were a lot of things I wish I had done while I was there — paint something at the art cafe, go SUPing on the lake, etc. I guess in the end, it just gives me a good reason to go back.

• Lesson learned… again. I spend so much time traveling alone that sometimes I forget that traveling with others (or to see others) is a whole different ballgame. One thing that I am constantly relearning the importance of is setting expectations before a trip/visit. Want to lay low and relax all week? Better to make that known ahead of time, in case your travel companion is packing their dancing shoes. Need some time blocked out to work? Let your host know in case they are busy building a jam-packed schedule. From now on, I’m making it a rule to set aside time for a pre-trip call where I ask the other person or people involved, “how do you envision this trip going?”

Everglades TravelThe Everglades


• I just about died when I overheard one of my little sister’s students coming to a shocking realization at the Insectarium in New Orleans. “Miss Baackes… is THIS NATURE?!”

• I don’t think I’ve ever laughed quite so hard in an airport as I did at this. Only in New Orleans, right?

• Have you ever taken the train in Florida? No? Well neither, it seems, has anyone in Florida. As a New Yorker, booking the Amtrak from Jacksonville to Tampa was a no-brainer — cheaper than flying and much more comfortable than a bus. But from the reactions this choice garnered from my hosts in both cities, you would have thought I’d chartered a private unicorn to fly me between them.

Angie, who’s lived in Jacksonville her whole life and didn’t even know there was an Amtrak station there, had us leave her apartment half an hour early out of grave concern that the whole thing was a hoax and Google Map’s directions were going to lead us to an empty field with some rusty old tracks lying around. My aunts in Tampa had their concerns as well, sounding highly suspicious of the whole situation even after I assured them I had, in fact, made a booking. “Hmm. I’ll look into that,” my aunt Karen said, as I stared at the ticket in my inbox. And the train ride itself? Enough of a tragicomedy to warrant its own chapter in a future short story collection. Stay tuned.

Miami TravelMiami


Because this month features such drastically different destinations in terms of affordability, I’m not going to do a dollar by dollar breakdown. However, in the future I’ll likely do a full budget breakdown for Nicaragua, so stay tuned for that. The good news is that overall, I made more than I spent. The bad news is, I spent quite a bit while I was in the US. Though apart from The Freehand I didn’t spend anything on accommodation as I was crashing with fam and friends or booking with points, I made up for it with pretty lavish meals.

Still, I spent less than $2,500 for the month (not including what I pay my assistant) which is not bad considering it consisted of three flights, one being international!


Unsurprisingly, I got tragically behind on work while I was traveling stateside. I thought I’d built in enough days that I’d be glued to my laptop, but it’s really hard to maintain control of your schedule when you are traveling with or staying with others. Thankfully, I knew I had my time in Granada coming up and so I remained pretty calm about how behind I was getting.

On the blog front, my traffic dramatically spiked in January — and has stayed up! I had a great month of income with projects for Enterprise, Viator, and Contiki, as well as some small writing and graphic design projects and a decent chunk of affiliate earnings.

Granada TravelGranada

Health and Fitness

I went to one barre class in New Orleans, went for one bike ride in the Everglades, worked out once at a gym in Miami and went for one run in Tampa — which yeah, if you read through the lowlights section, didn’t end well. That twisted ankle would haunt me for months! But basically, I didn’t put much emphasis on exercise when I was in the US, and I did put a lot of emphasis on eating and drinking every single thing I could get my hands on.

However, I really turned things around when I got to Central America. I started eating relatively cleanly again, and despite my ankle, worked out almost every single day in the form of either yoga, Zumba, or a gym session. Zumba was my big discovery of the month — I seriously fell in love — but I also set a pattern of focusing deeply on my yoga practice, which would become somewhat of a theme for this trip.

What’s Next

A few more weeks in Nicaragua and then onto El Salvador.


Since I left home for my Great Escape, I’ve been doing monthly roundups of my adventures filled with anecdotes, private little moments, and thoughts that are found nowhere else on this blog. As this site is not just a resource for other travelers but also my own personal travel diary, I like to take some time to reflect on not just what I did, but how I felt. You can read my previous roundups here.

  • Marni
    June 4 2015

    It’s SO important to have that pre-trip talk, but it’s strangely hard to actually remember to do it. I have a trip with my mom and sister booked next year, and I’m trying to already get a sense of what they’re interested in. I’ve never been on the train in Florida (though I was born there), but I HAVE heard of it. Now I feel like I earned a brownie point!

    • Alex
      June 6 2015

      I know! I think we naturally assume the people we plan to travel with will be on the same page as us… always a shocker to be reminded that’s not necessarily the case. Enjoy that family vacation!

  • I am so in love with your blog. I’m going home to Tampa for the summer, and you inspired me to revisit the mermaids (about 15 minutes from my parents’ house) and go shark diving at the aquarium. We often forget to play tourists in our own hometowns! Keep it up and safe travels 🙂

    • Alex
      June 6 2015

      You are so sweet Jennifer! And we do indeed. I’d love to see other travel bloggers take on Albany and give me some great ideas! Sounds like you have an awesome visit home planned.

  • Elizabeth Hampton
    June 4 2015

    This post really brings me back to my days living in Orlando. Of course, having a friend working for Disney sure helped me enjoy a lot of the ‘behind the scenes’ fun you mentioned. Enjoy the blog – and I’m always happy to find someone who loves the kitsch as much as I do (if that is possible!).

    • Alex
      June 6 2015

      Card carrying kitsch obsessed over here 🙂 Love hearing of others who appreciate it!

  • Congratulations! You’ve done so many interesting things, i can’t even imagine. Keep the traveling and good luck!

    • Alex
      June 6 2015

      This was indeed a jam-packed month! Jam packed with awesome, at least 🙂 Thanks for the well wishes, Izy!

  • Lauren
    June 5 2015

    No problem with the lateness, I was more than happy to revisit pics of those donuts….

    • Alex
      June 6 2015

      Can’t say it hurt me to take a look either 🙂 Especially on what I heard was the eve of National Donut Day!

  • Leah
    June 5 2015

    I think time spent at home is drastically different for the two of us. I don’t have to try to build in time to work because there really aren’t a lot of people around for me to see or cool things to do to keep me busy. I’m always super productive in Washington. In any case, sounds like your month went really well blog-wise–so happy to hear your traffic has stayed consistent since Jan! 😀

    • Alex
      June 6 2015

      I’m pretty productive in Albany too! Well, it can be an issue for me sometimes when I’m “home” in New York… but in this post I was more referring to visiting friends and family, wherever in the country or world that may be. When I’m a guest, it’s hard to control my own schedule.

  • Julie
    June 5 2015

    One thing that you mentioned that resonates – when I’m staying with friends or family, it is SO HARD to keep to my normal work schedule or do my regular social media stuff. Seriously. I thought I had this diligent work ethic but it gets thrown every time (she says as she writes this at 6am from a family members’ house…the only alone time ever).

    • Alex
      June 6 2015

      Oh man, I do know how you feel! I often do the early AM wake up to cram in some office hours. One of these days though, I’m going to learn to actually open my mouth and TELL people ahead of time that I need/want some computer time, and not to worry about entertaining me every hour of the day. That’s probably a better tactic than just hoping/assuming that they’ll just want to sit around for a while on their own laptops when they have a guest in town… ha.

  • Emily
    June 5 2015

    I’ve been doing zumba for a few years. I love it – its fun without feeling like a workout!

    • Alex
      June 6 2015

      I should try it again now that I’m back stateside! I’ve been so excited to be back in my barre classes though.

  • Francesca
    June 5 2015

    I still think that Disneyland Paris is the best of all the parks! Their is a real life dragon underneath Sleeping Beauty’s Castle…

    • Alex
      June 6 2015

      Well, I wouldn’t be opposed to checking it out someday… for comparison’s sake! 🙂

  • Katie
    June 6 2015

    The pre-trip talk definitely sounds like a good idea. I will be traveling with a few different friends over the next year, a few that I haven’t travelled with before, so will definitely need to have the talk first to make sure we are on the same page

    • Alex
      June 8 2015

      It’s certainly not ever a bad idea. A brief talk about budget, goals, and itinerary is always for the best!

  • Backpack Babe
    June 6 2015

    How amazing that you’ve been traveling for 43 months! Love reading about all your adventures.

    And so cool that you’re working with Contiki. Have you been on any of their trips yet? My friend and I were thinking of trying it out! xx

    • Alex
      June 8 2015

      I have indeed! Check out my Greece coverage — went on a 14 day Island Hopper with them last summer 🙂

  • Julia Nix
    June 6 2015

    I enjoy your round ups because of all the little notes that us(non bloggers)don’t usually write about, but think about 🙂 Also, the other segment I enjoy reading from your blog is “Confessions”. That’s where relativity speaks to many people.

    • Alex
      June 8 2015

      I do love to confess 🙂 Thanks Julia!

  • Camels & Chocolate
    June 7 2015

    I can’t believe at this point you’ve almost been traveling for four solid years. WAT.

    • Alex
      June 8 2015

      Believe me, I can barely wrap my head around it! The big five is going to be here before I know it…

  • Maddy
    June 8 2015

    I always love reading your round ups! Hope the next set of US trips brings you around SF! 🙂

    • Alex
      June 9 2015

      We shall see 🙂 I’m definitely California bound… but a little further south.

  • becky hutner
    June 9 2015

    So funny about the Florida trains! Who knew I was such a maverick all these years, taking the tri-rail from Miami to West Palm?

    • Alex
      June 9 2015

      You rebel you! How was it? I have to say, now that I’ve tried both, Florida Amtrak is PRETTY different from New York Amtrak…

  • It really sounds like Central America is all about yoga and living a healthy lifestyle. Is that just true of the places you visited, or is it really prominent all across the area?

    • Alex
      June 12 2015

      I’d say if you are looking for that, it is VERY easy to find in Central America. There are strong hippie dippy vibes throughout the region, though I’d say they’d be easy to avoid if you wanted to! I was fairly fascinated though and definitely was seeking it out.

      • Good to know! I wouldn’t say I’m a full blown hippie, but I do enjoy living a healthy lifestyle. Central America may just be my next move 😉

  • Swee
    November 14 2015

    Awesome blog! Found your blog yesterday and already are inspired by it!! Big heart and love! <3

    • Alex
      November 15 2015

      Glad you found me, Swee! Thanks for coming along for the ride 🙂

  • Jojo
    April 25 2016

    I’ve lived in Florida all my life and I think you have done more here than I have! Thanks for the new ideas to take my wandering family to – it all sounds fun! No Disney though, been there – done that. I like finding old Florida places and activities.

    • Alex
      April 27 2016

      Me too! Classic Florida is where it’s at 🙂 Weeki Wachi was one of my favorites, ever!

  • Jean Francois
    June 5 2016

    Hi Alex,

    What a busy life you lead. I’ve barely begun to discover about the rest of your travels, having only just tripped over your travelogue here but you really seem to have some interesting times.

    Hopefully not every trip includes all the mini-disasters you mention and I do hope you got your card charges sorted.

    Best of luck for your next trips.

    • Alex
      June 10 2016

      Thanks Jean! Most trips tend to have their ups and downs but I usually find it very cathartic to write about them here 🙂

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